REPRESENTS:  Novels, Novellas, YA




CURRENTLY ACCEPTING:  Well-told, exciting, adventurous fantasy and science fiction, featuring people of color set in worlds inspired by non-Western folklore or culture. We are looking specifically for stories for both middle grade (ages 8-12) and young adult (ages 12-18) readers.


HOW TO CONTACT:   Email us at with cut and paste synopsis and first three (3) chapters - no attachments please. 


Response to sample chapters is 10 working days.  If we request the full ms, we will respond within 12 weeks. 


TERMS:  Agent receives 10% commission on domestic sales; 15% on foreign sales.  Offers written contract, binding for one year.  



1. No gimmicks; comply with guidelines. 


2. Always include SASE or else we won't be able to contact you.


3. Please send properly prepared sample chapters; first 3, double-spaced and in a readable font (e.g., Times New Roman 10-12).  Please don't send your only copy of the artwork or mss.  We cannot be responsible for lost materials.


4. Make sure you submit your best work possible - check grammar and spelling, passionately!  Keep in mind that you're ultimately expecting the masses to pay somewhere in the range of $15.00+ for your book.  It never benefits you to send in a query or mss with misspellings (you'd be surprised how many are submitted).  Simply stated:  if you can't spell, you can't write.  


5. While it is wonderful that the neighborhood children, your mother, father, nephews, nieces, friends and significant other love your work and think it's brilliant, it is totally irrelevant and not impressive to any agent or publisher.  What is important is whether the book is marketable!


6. You need to sell yourself as well.  What are your accomplishments?  Have you been published?  Tell us about YOU!


7. Keep your query to the point...try this exercise: Describe your book in ONE sentence; you should be able to do so.



We are not interested in receiving poorly written submissions from authors with grandiose attitudes; don't compare yourself to Jane Austen, J.R.R. Tolkien, etc. Blackmail never works--don't tell us that you'll only send your manuscript to us if we can guarantee you will be published. Write stories that make sense; research everything down to the bone; think about what you're writing and don't leave people wondering what you meant. Most importantly, be proud of your work; no self-deprecation.


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