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CHIFFONADE REPAS - A memorable dining experience...


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Your culinary master:  Chef Dominica, ACFJR, WACS

I love food and I love cooking.  It’s a passion that includes the development and presentation of exciting, new menus. In my experience, I have found that it is the simple things in life that are the most difficult to achieve, and it is those things in life that often prove the most rewarding. Like creative food that is at once basic and hearty, but also eclectic and unique.  In other words, to create a menu that can offer something for every diner’s palate providing a touch of the unexpected...where traditional dishes are creatively served up with a twist.


I am inspired by using the freshest and healthiest ingredients in each of the meals I prepare. I use free range organic products because the quality and taste of these foods is much cleaner. The time and effort spent in seeking out the best sources for ingredients pays off in a beautiful meal.


For me, cooking is not simply about placing a meal on a plate; it is a carefully synchronized dance that the chef must negotiate with his or her available ingredients and skill.  Sometimes it's about a certain technique or special ingredient, but it still comes down to the essential flavors. 


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A celebration, special occasion or romantic dinner for two...

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